Elder and Wiser is a unique Senior based publication in Hampton Roads delivering targeted results to advertisers.

Direct Mailed – Don’t be fooled by the cheap cost, grocery store rack publications,  they claim big readership, when in fact huge amounts printed never get in front of a senior because they don’t pick them up.
Magazine Content – Seniors get Elder and Wiser at home and pick it up to read, it’s not 100 pages of ads or junk mail that’s gets thrown away.
Homeowners Only – Seniors 62+, Home values over $160,000 with 50% plus in Equity. They need your services and have money to spend.
150,000 issues – 50,000 households reached 3 x per year.
Exclusive  – You do not compete against anyone in your product line, unlike any other advertizing publication to seniors. 
Two Full Pages – Full color, one page for a 500 word article and one page for your ad. Sets you apart as an expert in your field. 
Low Investment - 90% less than the cost to print and mail your own post card and far more cost effective than any other media outlet that shotguns your message.
Cross Promotion - Our advertisers cross promote & refer to each other. Ask how you could earn referral credits to pay for your advertizing.  
One Issue Rate - 50,000 direct mailed issues @ .10 cents each.
Three Issue Rate – 150,000 direct mailed issues @ 8 cents each.
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