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Welcome to Elder and Wiser,


a targeted direct mail publication for Seniors in Hampton Roads Virginia. I would like to invite you to join 9 other companies including my own to be a fellow Contributing Author and Advertiser. You are holding a short mock up of the 24 page issue we will publish three times each year and direct mail 120,000 copies per year. We will spread out our message by sending out ten thousand per month. Reaching our data base of 40,000 Senior Homeowner Households three times per year.

As a partner of the leading independent reverse mortgage company in Virginia, www.ReverseMortgage.Pro I spend a lot of time and money trying to reach our target customers.

Our Jim Kincaid ads on TV, Radio, Newspaper, and local magazines all help reach seniors, but we spend a lot of money with this shot gun approach and still do not reach all the folks we want to.

I have found that direct mail works very well IF you can get the person read what you have to say, however the expense of printing, postage and mailing lists drive the cost of even a simple color jumbo postcard to just under a dollar a piece, again wasting a lot of money for what most people will throw away as junk mail.


So we have created the Elder and Wiser magazine to reach a special senior target market three times per year. Based on credit report data, there are 40,000 folks in Hampton Roads that meet the following criteria:

• 65 plus in age

• Homeowners

• Property values $160,000 to $750,000

• Equity of at least 50% of the home’s value.

This is an extremely strong demographic that spends money and has very special needs that face the elder.

Facts about Elder and Wiser:

• Seniors Do Not have to go out of their way to pick up in a rack at a store.

• It is not full of ads with your competitors selling against you. Exclusivity is yours.

• Very targeted to Senior homeowners only.

• Longer in home shelf life, greatly increasing the effectiveness of your ad.

• Advertisers have two full pages to tell their story, at least one page must be an article so that Elder and Wiser holds the readers interest and is not seen as an ad book.

• Your company will greatly benefit from the association and creditability of one of the best known and loved seniors in the market place…. JIM KINCAID.

• All advertisers must have an A or A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau or have not had an unresolved complaint filed within the past 36 months. Reliability and Integrity are keys to success.

• As our goal is not to make Elder and Wiser a big profit center, but rather, the most cost effective way to reach a target market of seniors for us and our 9 marketing partners, the cost is 84% LESS than printing and mailing out a jumbo postcard on your own.

As we will only have space for 10 businesses and will not allow more then one of any type business in the publication, time is of the essence, I hope you will consider joining Elder and Wiser in Hampton Roads.

Best Regards,

Dennis Smith 


757-224-0418 ext 315